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    International MBBS Program: an English-medium Medical Undergraduate Program

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    Program Overview

    Under the approval of the Ministry of Education of China, Tongji University School of Medicine started to enroll international students into an English-medium undergraduate program in clinical medicine in the fall semester of 2011. With the ever-increasing demand of high caliber medical education in the globe, this program was launched in an endeavor to turn out more and more elite medical professionals who would like to be committed to providing health care service in different countries with diversified cultures. The first batch of students come from seven countries, such as US, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Belarus, etc.

    All courses are taught in English. The curriculum of the program is specially designed to help students gain sound professional integrity, solid ground of basic medicine and systematic knowledge of clinical medicine and clinical skills and the ability to tackle problems in clinical settings. Tailored courses will be offered to students who need to take Physician Qualification Exams required by the relevant regulatory bodies of different countries. Besides, students will be encouraged to sit USMLE in the third year of their studies.

    Tongji University School of Medicine will provide no more than 50 seats for outstanding students from across the world to enjoy such an excellent experience in medical practice and cutting-edge research. With all the necessary credits, the qualified students will be awarded a diploma and an MBBS degree by Tongji University in line with the applicable regulations of Tongji University.


    Program Duration: 6 years (including 1-year clinical internship)

    Registration fee: 410 RMB (non-refundable)

    Tuition Fee: 45,000 RMB per year

    Enrollment Openings: 50

    Intake: Every September



    Why to Study at Tongji University School of Medicine?

    Tongji University was founded as Tongji German Medical School by Erich Paulun, a German doctor, in Shanghai in 1907. Therefore, medicine is regarded as a traditional key discipline of Tongji University. The School of Medicine offers a wide range of programs that lead to bachelor degree of medicine, master degree of medicine/science, and doctoral degree of medicine/philosophy. With its geographical advantages and far-reaching historical background, the school is in constant development while it is as always committed to keeping the tradition of excellence in offering the best medical education in China and training the internationally competitive medical professionals with global vision and innovative thinking.

    -International Faculty

    At Tongji University School of Medicine, there are a large number of professors and researchers holding M.D. or Ph.D degrees or even tenure positions in world-wide well known academic institutions or universities. 

    -Affiliated Hospitals

    Tongji University School of Medicine has 8 affiliated hospitals in Shanghai, which provide comprehensive clinical training to the students. 

    -Campus life

    Tongji University School of Medicine is situated on Siping Campus of Tongji University, a garden-like campus in downtown area with easiest access to the public transportation. International students will be accommodated in the International Students Dorm Building.



    International OfficeTongji University School of Medicine

    Room 523, Medical Building, 1239 Siping Road
    Shanghai 200092, China

    Homepage: http://www.gsr91.cn/mbbs
    E-mail: taki20@#edu.cn

    Telephone: (8621)6598 5604



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